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Selected by Fleur is a magazine especially made for people who visit the beautiful island Bonaire. In the magazine they’ll find the best restaurants, diving spots, beach clubs and all kinds of activities. As a host of a hotel or resort, you don’t have to give all the tips yourself anymore, because the Selected by Fleur magazine has it all!

Each magazine is personalised for each villa or resort. At the first few pages of the magazine guests will find some general information, for example the Wi-Fi code, important telephone numbers, breakfast times, etc. Then they will find all the best things to do while staying at Bonaire. All the best companies are in it, for example Brass Boer, Chefs Culinair, Ocean Oasis, Sebastians, VIP Diving etc.

The magazines will be available in Dutch and English and have a luxurious appearance, with paper from the best quality and amazing photo’s.

The first few pages and the back of the magazine will be personalised and the hotspots are the same in every magazine. The magazine will be renewed each year, so every year the most popular places will be in it.   

As a resort or villa you’ll receive an annual subscription, which can be renewed every year. Selected by Fleur always reaches out to you, so there’s no automatic renewal!

Watch the video on the right for more information. It is also possible to turn on English subtitles.

Is your restaurant, beach club or place of interest not listed yet? Or would you like to have the Selected by Fleur magazines made for your villa or resort? Feel free to send a message to


Bonaire, my all time favourite place to be. It is an island in the Caribbean Sea and together with Aruba and Curacao. Bonaire is part of the ABC Islands, 50 miles off the coast of Venezuela.

When you step out of the airplane, you feel instantly relaxed. It’s one of the many things why I love Bonaire so much. There are no big shopping malls or things like that, but you don’t even need that when you’re at the island. All you need is the blue sea, the white sand and a nice cocktail in your hand!

Bonaire really is a place where you can breathe and get away from the busy life you have at home. I would recommend it to anyone who feels stressed and tired, because at this island, it’s all about you.



Stadscafe Het Consulaat
Club Tropicana
Private Guided Tours Bonaire
VIP Diving
Rum Runners
Ocean Oasis
Mangrove Info Center
It Rains Fishes
Epic Tours
Donkey Sanctuary
Cuba Bonaire
Chefs Bonaire
Brass Boer
At Sea

pink egg award

2020 started off amazing for me! On the 15th of January I was visiting the holiday fair in Utrecht where I was about to tell more about Selected by Fleur to Tourism Bonaire. They wanted to know more about the whole concept and what I do and of course I was happy to tell them all about it.

Little did I know, that this was just an excuse so I would be there! That day there would be an award ceremony, where someone could win the Golden Flamingo (the Bonaire promotional prize) or the Pink Egg (an encouragement award).

I was looking at the ceremony and suddenly I heard my own name! I was so confused, because I didn’t even know that I was in the race for a prize. The Pink Egg is an award for an innovative newcomer at Bonaire. I’m really happy and honoured that I won this award and I couldn’t think of a better way to start 2020!

the magazine

Check the preview of our personalised magazine below.

English and Dutch versions are currently available.



A little something about myself. As you may already know, my name is Fleur. I’m 27 years old and in the summer of 2017 I graduated in Allround Design and Graphic Design.

When I was about 8 years old, I visited Bonaire for the first time. Since then, I visited the island every year, together with my family. Now it feels like my second home and I can’t imagine a year (or a few months) without it.

At Bonaire I always feel so relaxed, you can really take a break there. The people are so nice and the weather is perfect. I love long days at the beach with some cocktails and of course my family and friends. I can already see that Bonaire is getting more popular each year, but I really hope the island will keep it’s authentic character.  

I started Selected by Fleur because I think Bonaire is the most amazing island. Now other people, who are visiting the island for the first time, can experience Bonaire in the best way possible. I hope they’ll fall in love with it just the way I did!

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